About the Tank Training Area

The Milovice Tank Training Area is only 30 km outside of Prague, between the D10 and the D11 motorways.

It covers an area of 200 hectares: Of that, 46 hectares are covered in off-road tracks. There are also military bases, shooting ranges and over 30 pieces of military and off-road equipment available. Everything is in perfect condition and well-cared for in our professional facility.

We collaborate on environmental agriculture with an environmental protection agency. We carry out landscaping based on current plans for taking care of the land, which leads to improving the condition of the land itself and creates ideal conditions for endangered animal and plant species. This is the reason why we shepherd sheep and goats in all the areas that we take care of. These natural lawnmowers maintain the beautiful look of the Milovice meadows.

We of course haven’t forgotten about the children! We organize summer camps in cooperation with the town of Milovice. You can find more information about the camps on the Milovice town website.

In 2014, we opened a unique about 1.8 km long narrow-gauge railway connecting the Milovice Tank Training Area with the children’s Mirakulum adventure park. It is a replica of a military 760 mm gauge railway. You can ride steam locomotives (100.15 and 100.13), a Resita or a diesel locomotive DH 120 between both parks.

Our Military and Vehicle Fleet:

  • Tank T-34
  • Tank T-55
  • Tank T-54
  • Tank T-72
  • Tank Centurion
  • STUG 3
  • BVP 1 (infantry fighting vehicle)
  • BVP missile launcher
  • BVP DTP (technical support workshop)
  • Tatra 813
  • Tatra 111
  • Armoured Praga V3S
  • MTLB 200
  • KRUG missile system (missile carrier and radio-locator)
  • KUB missile carrier
  • UAZ Storm
  • Quad bikes
  • Hummer H1

and many others…