For Companies

Don’t let the name fool you! The Milovice Tank Training Area isn’t just perfect for army and military-themed company and teambuilding events. We have 200 hectares of space available, where you and your colleagues can basically put on any type of event including company training. You can even take advantage of the Mirakulum Park next-door.

We offer the best conditions for organizing your events. Apart from the 200 hectares of land, we also have over 80 pieces of military equipment available, APCs, tanks, tatras, quad bikes and many others, which you can ride on 42 hectares of off-road tracks. There are also two military bases on site, meaning your event can take place over several days! The entire area is covered by utility networks.

Last but not least, you don’t need to worry about the weather thanks to our outstanding facilities. Our buildings are the ideal space for training events (from 30 persons to 250 persons) and catering. It has full WiFi coverage, a screen for presentations and bathrooms also available.

We’ll of course be happy to prepare a program including a price estimate suited to your particular needs. You can rent out a part of the military park, order a specific type of service or have it all at once. Contact us via email at

For Companies

Adrenaline of many different shapes and sizes

Our teambuilding program combines the following activities: military and off-road equipment, paintball and airsoft, a pellet gun shooting range and related contests.

We will put together a customized program based on your particular needs, where you can try activities of your choice. You can learn to play airsoft or paintball, play war while riding in military equipment, and learn something about the work of military contractors just to name a few


The Tank Training Area lies in the middle the beautiful Milovice landscape, which is home to many forms of unique plant and animal life. It’s no accident that our site is next to the large NATURA region. The neighbouring Mirakulum Park offers an outdoor and forest zoo, and you can take care of horses, goats or our wild boar mascot right in the Tank Training Area!

We can organize leisurely quad bike rides through the countryside, archery contests, mountain bike races, obstacle courses, military quizzes or hay bale rolling contests. The sky’s the limit.