Army Drill at a Training Camp

Do you enjoy watching war-themed films putting yourself in the shoes of the brave soldiers? Do you and your friends reminisce about your time spent in the army and talk about unforgettable memories that you will never experience again? Think again! Now is the time to try real army training where you have to give it all you’ve got! Our program led by an unrelenting commander will literally pull you into battle mode and give you an adventure you cannot imagine.

You will get a demonstration of how to put on and wear a military uniform. Then there’s nothing that can stop you from heading out onto the training field where you will manoeuvre an obstacle course, which American soldiers have to go through as part of their training. Trust us, you won’t be bored!

Required Equipment, Apparel and Disposition:

Participants have to be in good health

Sturdy shoes

Athletic wear (if you are interested, you can rent out a uniform for 120 CZK per person)

You must make a reservation via email at:

For additional information please call: +420 774 554 037 or +420 777 798 039