Pellet Gun Shooting Range

Can you hit a 10 cm target moving 108 km per hour from a 15 meter distance? Test your trap shooting aim at our pellet gun shooting range!

Broková střelnice

You will get a double-barrelled rifle (“kozlice”) and asphalt targets, which will be projected by a special projectile machine at a speed of up to 30 meters per second – everything else is in your hands (and up to your eye)…

Minimum number of 10 persons.

You must make a reservation via email at
For additional information please call: +420 774 554 037 or +420 777 798 039


Teamwork, the right strategy and a fighting spirit are the cornerstones of this popular adrenaline sport. Take your friends or colleagues and come test your skills on several different courses.

During paintball you use weapons, which shoot gelatin balls to destroy your opponents. These balls are shot out of the weapon using expanding compressed air.

You will have a professional instructor at your disposal, who will teach even complete beginners how to play. If you’re already a paintball pro, our diverse courses will allow you to play using a specific scenario.

We will lend you all the necessary equipment including protective wear.

What’s included in the price?

  • Weapon rental
  • Protective mask
  • 200 paintballs
  • An experienced instructor for the entire time

Minimum number of people in a group: 10
You must make a reservation via email at:
For additional information please call: +420 774 554 037 or +420 777 798 039

Required equipment, apparel and disposition:

  • Participants have to be in good health
  • An extra outfit in case you sweat
  • Suitable shoes (army boots or sturdy athletic shoes)
  • We’ll be happy to lend you an overall and gloves for an additional fee