Milovice Tank Training Area

The Milovice Tank Training Area is only 30 km outside of Prague, between the D10 and the D11 motorways.

It covers an area of 200 hectares: Of that, 46 hectares are covered in off-road tracks. There are also military bases, shooting ranges and over 30 pieces of military and off-road equipment available. Everything is in perfect condition and well-cared for in our

In 2014, we opened a unique about 1.8 km long narrow-gauge railway connecting the Milovice Tank Training Area with the children’s Mirakulum adventure park. It is a replica of a military 760 mm gauge railway. You can ride steam locomotives (100.15 and 100.13)


Milovice Tank Training Area
Jiřická 1999
289 24 Milovice
50°14‘53.02“N, 14°51‘19.02“E


Favourite experiences

For lovers of unusual adrenaline fun

Infantry fighting vehicle ride

A ride in an infantry fighting vehicle (BVP) is ideal for hardcore military fans and their families and children.

4-20 persons

900 CZK

Infantry fighting vehicle ride + machine-gun shooting

An adrenaline ride in an infantry fighting vehicle combined with shooting.

5-20 persons

1 350 CZK

Ride in a T55 Tank


20 000 CZK

Infantry fighting vehicle driving

Steep uphill and downhill rides, skidding, an adrenaline-filled ride for the bravest of the brave!


8 500 CZK

Driving a T55 Tank

What does it feel like to roll over a car with a tank or to take a ride through a water moat? You can ride our tanks under extreme endurance conditions.


40 000 CZK

More experiences

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Driving a Tatra


8 000 CZK

Hummer Ride

All off-road enthusiasts can try our amphibious Hummer on a 5 km loop.


3 600 CZK

A Ride in a Tatra


5 000 CZK

Army Drill at a Training Camp

Narrow-gauge Railway

Mladá Sport Airport

Pellet Gun Shooting Range